Episode 14: The Workaround

Illustration by Antwan Williams

Illustration by Antwan Williams

Looking good and feeling good matters just as much on the inside, as on the outside. But in prison, you can't just walk to the barbershop, or stop by the store for the products you need, to accomplish either. In this episode, guys share their favorite workarounds that help them feel more human in prison, both physically and mentally.

Thanks to David Jassy, Wall Street, Jason Jones, Jesse Vasquez, Andres Yancey, Lady Jae, Eric Durr, George “Mesro” Coles-El and Nicola Bucci for sharing their workaround stories. This episode included music by David Jassy, Lee Jasper and Antwan Williams. Here's a transcript for “The Workaround,” and you can download the episode here.

To hear more about Bucci and more about food and eating in prison, check out this episode of the Sporkful food podcast, featuring a special outtake from this episode, alongside a story about a prison riot that was defused with ramen. 

Also! Eternal thanks to SQSP's Lt. Sam Robinson and Warden Ron Davis for supporting the show.

p.s. Speaking of looking good, have you ordered your Ear Hustle T-shirt yet?

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