Episode 16: Catch a Kite 2

Illustration by Antwan Williams

Illustration by Antwan Williams

You've asked (via postcard) and we have answers!

A “kite” is prison slang for a written note. Since Ear Hustle launched, we’ve encouraged listeners to send in their questions about the show and life inside via postcards, or “kites.” In this episode, Earlonne and Nigel dig into the pile of 1021 (!) postcards that have arrived from all over the world.

So many people contributed to this episode: Thanks to all the men in blue and volunteers who tried to guess the most common question we get asked. Thanks to Kevin Sawyer for talking books; Adnan Khan, Eddie Herera, Khalifa Christensen and Shadeed Wallace-Stepter for talking TV; Luke Colondres, Antwan Williams, Kevin Sawyer, Greg Eskridge, E Phil Phillips and Jason Jones for singing TV theme songs; Bruce Brew Fowler for explaining his tattoos; Rodney Card Man Wiley for performing his magic; Maserati E for performing music for us, and big thanks for Officer Girard for being the first Corrections Officer to get on the mic. Now and always: thanks to Lt Sam Robinson and Warden Ron Davis for their support of Ear Hustle.

“Catch a Kite 2” was scored and sound designed with music by David Jassy and Antwan Williams. Here's a transcript and you can download the episode here.

Thanks to NECTAR Sleep for supporting the show. And find out how to send us your own kite.

p.s. The answer to that question about whether or not we T-shirts for sale? Why yes, we do!

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