Episode 20: Birdbaths and a Lockbox

Illustration by Antwan Williams

Illustration by Antwan Williams

During a San Quentin lockdown, the prison grinds to a halt, and men are confined to their cells 24 hours a day. On the heels of a summer lockdown, we’re kicking off season three by looking into what causes one, and how guys survive the wait when boredom, uncertainty, hunger and isolation can push them over the edge.

A heads-up: this episode contains discussion of suicide and self-harm — listener discretion is advised. You can reach out to the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline at 1-800-273-8255.

Thanks to Michael Williams, Jason Perry, Aaron Taylor, Jessie Vasquez and Lee Jasper for sharing their stories with us. Thanks also to Gregg Sayers for performing his song “Lost in Time,” with additional vocals by Eric Abercrombie, aka Maserati E.

This episode was scored with music by David Jassy, Antwan Williams, Lee Jasper, E. Phil Phillips and Earlonne Woods. As we dive into season three, much gratitude to Lt. Sam Robinson and Warden Ron Davis for their continued support of Ear Hustle.

You can find the transcript for “Birdbaths and a Lockbox” here, and download the episode here.

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