Episode 35: Chicken on the Bone

Illustration by Antwan Williams

Illustration by Antwan Williams

Historically, death sentences in California have led to eventual execution by the state. But these days, public opinion and state protocol are in flux, and the future is uncertain for those on death row at San Quentin.

Big thanks to everyone who shared their stories with us for this episode: Al aka Watson Allison, Abu Qadir Al-Amin, Lt. Sam Robinson and Lonnie Morris.

This episode was scored with music by Antwan Williams, David Jassy and Rhashiyd Zinnamon, and a remix of our theme music from listener Ingibjörg Friðriksdóttir.

Thanks to Lt. Sam Robinson and Warden Ron Davis for their support of the show, and NativeEPIX and BetterHelp for sponsoring this episode.

Find the transcript for “Chicken on the Bone” here, and download the episode here.

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