People are asking about Ear Hustle; here are some of the questions we hear most often. Have a question not answered here? Write to us directly, and keep your ears peeled for “Catch a Kite” episodes featuring questions sent in from listeners via postcard. Or add yours to the list of questions we may address on a future episode.

How many episodes will there be in season one?
Season one of Ear Hustle will run through mid-October, and include ten, bi-weekly episodes. Season two will launch in spring, 2018.

Two weeks between episodes is an eternity! Why does it take so long?
We appreciate listeners wanting to hear more episodes, more often, but please keep in mind that producing a podcast from inside a prison (without internet or phone access) takes much more time than producing one on the outside. This has been a learning process for all involved, and while our systems are improving as the season unfolds, it’s still a ton of work to get each episode publish-ready.

Is Ear Hustle censored by San Quentin State Prison (SQSP) authorities?
Every Ear Hustle episode is approved by prison administration as a matter of policy concerning outgoing media of any form from SQ. The administration has shown great support for EH, and we see no indication that they will make it difficult for us to pursue the podcast we’ve outlined from the start - sharing stories about the day to day life in prison. We are not concerned about this need for approval compromising the content or integrity of the show.

Why is Nigel co-hosting with Earlonne, instead of Antwan?
The EH team feels strongly that Nigel’s presence as a co-host is key to the show, as she represents the listener in these conversations. Ear Hustle is about connecting the inside and outside, it’s about a strong, artistic collaboration between men and women, incarcerated and nonincarcerated. There is no hierarchy between Nigel, Antwan and Earlonne, and they each see each other as equally valuable and important to the project.

Are the producers getting paid? How does this work out for Earlonne and Antwan?
Ear Hustle was created and to date has been produced as a labor of love. If and when the show earns revenue through sponsorships and donations, monies will be invested back into the project to cover the cost of production, including paying Nigel for her role in co-producing, co-hosting, and shepherding the show from San Quentin to the public.

Ear Hustle is required to follow institutional rules regarding incarcerated men getting paid. Earlonne is assigned to the San Quentin TV area and is paid for his work there, including the Ear Hustle/Radiotopia project. Antwan is not assigned to the area, and is considered a volunteer. Beyond monetary compensation, Earlonne and Antwan are learning important and viable skills that can help them secure jobs and stability once they leave prison.

Additionally, once Ear Hustle is earning steady revenue, we intend to donate a portion of this to the Prison University Project - the program that Nigel first worked with when she began volunteering at San Quentin in 2011.

How can I collaborate with Ear Hustle?
Thank you so much for the interest, but to be honest, most likely - you can’t. It’s not possible to bring collaborators into SQSP regularly, nor to connect via internet or phone with Earlonne and Antwan. Besides the logistical challenges of collaborating, while there are many people on the outside pursuing excellent journalism and storytelling about prison culture and reform, with Ear Hustle we are committed to producing stories from and giving voice to the men on the inside.

Do you have transcripts of the episodes?
Yes, you'll find transcripts on each episode page, but to save you the trouble here they are: Episode 1: Cellies, Episode 2: Misguided Loyalty, Episode 3: Looking Out, Episode 4: The SHU, Episode 5: Catch a Kite, Episode 6: The Boom Boom Room, Episode 7: Unwritten, Episode 8: Left Behind, Episode 9: Gold Coats and OGs and Episode 10: Getting a Date.

How can I support Ear Hustle?
Thanks for your interest in this! You can always donate to the show, to support what we’re doing, and help keep us Hustling into the future.

Can I get an Ear Hustle t-shirt?
Not yet, but we’re working on it!

How can I write a letter directly to Earlonne, Antwan, or anyone else at San Quentin?
Prison rules prohibit Nigel from passing on any letters, but you can find all the information you'll need – an inmate's CDCR (California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation) number and the prison address – yourself.
Locate any inmate's CDCR number here:  http://inmatelocator.cdcr.ca.gov
Find SQ's address and instructions here: http://www.cdcr.ca.gov/Facilities_Locator/SQ.html
And you'll find the names of the men featured in our stories on each episode page linked from the home page.