Episode 9: Gold Coats and OGs

"Lonnie" by Antwan Williams

"Lonnie" by Antwan Williams

Dealing with aging and death is never easy. But in prison, these issues are fraught with extra challenges, both emotional and physical. Meet two inmates serving extended sentences who grapple with the idea of dying in prison, and have also stepped up to take care of their fellow aging prisoners.

Sound design for this episode is by Antwan Williams, with extra music tracks supplied by JB Burton. Thanks to Lonnie Morris, Richard Lathan and Andres Eric Watson, for sharing their stories. And special thanks to Anthony Marzett for being on the receiving end of of Andres’ shit talk. 

Here's the transcript, and you can download the episode here. And thanks to MailChimp, Squarespace and Texture for supporting Ear Hustle.

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