Episode 8: Left Behind

"Curtis in the Yard" by Antwan Williams

"Curtis in the Yard" by Antwan Williams

“I’m a stupid idiot who stole some money.”
Curtis Roberts was sentenced to 50 years to life, under the three strikes law, for committing three non-violent robberies. Over the years he has struggled to maintain a sense of hope in a situation many would consider untenable.

Big thanks to Curtis Roberts for sharing his story.  

And shout-outs to the many guys who showed up in yard talk: Michael Hudley, Stacy Bullock, Douglas Abado. Kevin Schrubb, Fanon Figgers Demitris McGee, James King, Mark Barger, Richard “Wembe” Johnson, Daniel Smith, John “Yahya” Johnson, Forrest Jones, Juan Haynes, Tommy Wickerd, Robert Richie (sang Amazing Grace).

Special thanks to Richie Morris, Dwight Krizman & Charles Spencer of Quentin Blue for performing "Trying to Carry On."

Earlonne tackled the sound design for this episode with contributing beats from Antwan Williams, JB Burton and David Jassy.

Here's the transcript for “Left Behind,” and you can download the episode here.

Lastly, yet more thanks to MailChimp and Squarespace for supporting the show.

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