Episode 5: Catch a Kite

"Earlonne and Nigel on mic" by Antwan Williams

"Earlonne and Nigel on mic" by Antwan Williams

“Kite” is a common term in prison for a written note. Over the course of the season, listeners have been encouraged to send in their questions about Ear Hustle via postcards, or “kites.” In this episode, Earlonne and Nigel dig into the pile of postcards that have arrived from all corners of the world, with some help from guys in the yard, and a familiar Ear Hustle voice — the man who approves all stories for publication, Lt. Sam Robinson.

Thanks to the following San Quentin inmates for helping catch these kites: Curtis “Wall Street” Carroll, Miguel Fuentes, E. Phil Phillips, Joshua Burton, Luke Colondres, Michael Mackey, Louis A Scott, Tommy Shakur Ross, Eddie Herena, Sha Wallace-Stepter, Rahsaan Thomas.
And to San Quentin staff: Officer Reyes and Lt. Sam Robinson
For to music contributors: Jovan Mills (Worth It) and Lee Jasper (Darn that Dream)
Thanks also to all listeners who have sent postcards. We can't answer them all, but please know each one is read, archived and deeply appreciated. In this episode we tackled questions from: Lucy from New Jersey, Dan from Canada, Adam from the United Kingdom, and one listener who wishes to remain anonymous. 

Here's a transcript for “Catch a Kite,” and you can download the episode here.

Have a question you'd like to hear answered on a future episode? Grab a postcard and send us your kite.

Big thanks to MailChimp and Texture for supporting the show.


Check out some of the awesome kites we've received so far.

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