Hear some of the music we’ve featured in our episodes.

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Darn that Dream

Featured in “Catch a Kite.” Original song composed by Jimmy Van Heusen, with lyrics by Eddie DeLange.


Trying to Carry On

Featured in “Left Behind.” Written by Richie Morris.


Jingle Bell Rock San Quentin

Featured in “Bonus: Songs from S1.” Written by Antwan Williams.

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Lost in Time

Featured in “Birdbaths and a Lockbox.” Written by Gregg Sayers.

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Remix the Theme — Now It's Your Turn

The current Ear Hustle theme song was produced by the Swedish phenom David Jassy, but it started with an original version written by Antwan Williams, and over the years it’s been changed up a few times. Now, it’s your turn to take a crack at a remix, a rendition, a resemblance of our theme — give it your twist and make it yours.

Download elements below to remix the Ear Hustle theme. Then, email it to us at, and we might just play it on a later episode. Remixes are due by August 31.


Float Away

Featured in “Inside Music.” Written by Antwan Williams and Eric “Maserati E” Abercrombie.



Featured in “Inside Music.” Written by Eric Benet. Cover performed by Charlie Spencer.


Lucky Guy

Featured in “Inside Music.” Written by Darryl Farris for Continuum — Darryl Farris (Vocals, Guitar), Joel Esparza (Guitar), Leonard “Funky Len” Walker (Bass), Joseph Thureson (Drums), Anthony O’neil (Vocals, Percussion), Paul Comauex (Vocals, Percussion) and Chris Thomas (Vocals). Recorded by Jaime Acosta, Dwight Krizman and Pat Mesiti-Miller.


La Mano Que Me Levanta

Featured in “Inside Music.” Written by Jose Diaz. Performed by the Mexican Nationals Band — Aranda “Lupe” Guadalupe (Vocals, Guitar) Muratalla “Jerry” Sanchez (Guitar, Vocals), Martin Gomez (Guitar), Pedro Benitez (Bass) and Adriel Ramirez (Drums). Recorded by Jaime Acosta, Dwight Krizman and Pat Mesiti-Miller.